Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Bush, Obama and some terrorists story

Bush actually DID keep us safe from the terrorists....

No Im jokin'. People still haven't figured it out yet. And I don't think they ever will. The problem is that we keep thinking we can make them see. The real us "kings" aren't the presidents. Money rules the world.

I was reading machiavel and he says that politics deals with 3 things:
The king, the rich and the people. Now we know that the above 2 don't work for us the people. Right now, the rich have the power. They pull the strings. War brings money. So as well as i'd like to only look at bush. He was just "in bed" with these people. Just another pawn, payed for front man. Is Obama better? yes and no. Now I know I will get stoned for this but instead if buying into the frenzy and say we are saved like most. I choose to stay neutral and observe.

Life most of the times, has 2 sides of a coin. Now the good side would be that there are no 2 sides. And that Obama really is a "good guy".
But would it really be soo impossible to think that there might be someone higher up?Really??? Of course people are willing to believe without once thinking for a minute. They were affraid!!! I was watching at "the mist" by stephen king yesterday. At the beggining of the movie there was this religious fanatic preaching. No one would pay attention to her and the ones that were, were telling her to shut up. But as the movie progresses and the people got more affraid they all submitted to her and as she said:"they were on ther knees".

Now Im not saying Obama is that crazy lady. But we do have to think for a moment. AFTER ALL THESE YEARS!!!!! Just now after bush the perfect president comes along? He's
"anti-war",smart and afro-american?
Where were all the other minorities who wanted to be president and make a change? So I went to his website and see what he was promising. Yes he wants to pull out troops from Irak.
Yes he wants a health system.
Yes he wants to give more jobs.
Yes he wants to reduce taxes.
And yes he closed guantanamo bay.

But he wants to

"Find, Disrupt, and Destroy Al Qaeda"

"increase our ground forces by 65,000 soldiers and 27,000 Marines"

And he wants to disarm Iran.

Now we know that Al quaeda didn't cause the 911 or if they did they were under the approval of the states. So why still this "need" to pursue these guys? How is he gonna fix all these things when he's reducing taxes and increasing the military and rebuilding the army as he says? Why do we need more army all the time? The world is fucked up. But not as they say it is. Where will he find that money?

Finally, if the states want to end nuclear bombs that much. Start with your own.

I hope Obama is for real. In the bottom of my heart I really hope he is. It was a song that first made me take a deeper look into all of this. And at first I really criticized the artists that made it.
But after my "deception" passed it really got me thinking. And it re-energized me. It was thinking that made me the person I am. As I'm not the "every day routine" type of guy. And the best thing a government can wish for is
that the whole world stopped thinking....except for the kings and queens........

Now this post started out as a reply for Anok's blog( but then it just got too long. SO I posted it here :D


  1. Finally, if the states want to end nuclear bombs that much. Start with your own.

    OH! nice zinger, one I've heard come out of my own mouth on more than a few occasions :D

    One of our problems, here, in the US is our imperialistic attitudes. I've been reading, on and off, "Of roosting chickens" by Ward Churchill. (Awesome read, by the way the man makes Nietzsche look like a pansy). Anyway, when we talk about terrorist attacks and all that - as unfortunate as they were, did we not engineer it?

    And of course, all politics aside, I do believe that Obama is a step in the right direction. I'm not thrilled about wars and troops in Afghanistan, but at the same time I can choke it down for a bit. I believe that diplomacy will become the preferred weapon in the coming years.

  2. I really hope so. But more and more I come to believe that this "democracy" is more like a dictatorship wearing a democracy mask. People are forced in a way they don't even notice to do what the government wants them to do. Like when you tell your kid to finish their vegetables so they can have dessert.
    This is kind of how I picture it:
    Bush,Rockerfeller and some other politicians in a room.
    -"We need more money"
    -"We need a war then my friend"
    -"The people won't want another war"
    -"Then lets give them a boggeyman, the'll come crawling for a war to kill that boggeyman"
    -"I know..I Know... I had already planned something. I give you operation 9/11!!!!"

  3. We need a society where greed isn't cultivated. Everything stems from that. Because we encourage greed from toddlers on up.

    Thanks for checking it out!

    Polaris Rising

  4. You do have a point there. Greed seems to be at the origin of most if not all the problems. I'm thinking about posting an article about the human power trip for some time now. Greed plays a major role in that too.
    Thanks for bringing that up.

  5. Obama wants to reduce taxes, and yet everything he proposes will grow our government. Bigger government means higher taxes, not the opposite. And human greed is the root of all our problems. Look at the economy and all the little guys paying for the mistakes, ego, and greed of the guys at the top. Not saying human foibles don't exist at all levels of our existence. Gosh, now I know why people keep ant farms. Ant civilization is fascinating, and maybe functions more efficiently than ours. They don't tear their own world apart, do they?

  6. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to reflect on the post. Bigger government does mean higher taxes, I don't see how something so simple is overlooked that quick. Guess the general population is too consumed by their daily routines to notice anything anymore. As for the antfarm :) Antfarms function more like a communist civilization, except well there is the queen. But humans are the only species that destroys theirselves at this rate.