Saturday, January 10, 2009


Every time I seem to talk about anarchy, people always come with the same remarks. "Without government the world would be chaos"...bla bla blab bla and so on. It amazes me that even when presented with proof, the masses choose to be in denial and just shut off.

For example, lots of times i'm at home with a few people. I start having profound discussions with someone about politics,religion,etc... 10 times out of 10 someone else in the room will shout something of the like " You guys are always talking shit". But when we're talking about which girl is hot or the latest blockbuster movie, no one, NO ONE says something of the sort. I have come to the conclusion that some people are so deeply routed in the system that they would NEVER see the truth as it is too much complicated or they don't want to be considered as "crazy" or "nerdy" or"paranoid". They prefer to continue living their little lives in the simple routine set for them by their parents. Where they wake up, eat, go to work, come back from work, eat, exercice, watch a movie, and go to bed. They don't care about wars,injustice,the truth. What they care about is who brad pitt is curently dating or what cure lindsay lohan is following.

Yes people hate change. They hate effort. Every person I met or heard or read that wasn't content with the system/government had something to say about what bothered them about it. Some form of thought, profound thought. When I asked them why don't you believe in the system or why do you think god isn't what the bible says he is. They could spend hours debating. Yet the ones that believe god exists without ever doubting or the ones that say yes government is perfect. These fanatics would simply answer " God exists because he exists" or "The government is good and if you say it isn't good, you're a nerdy, paranoid conspiracy believing geek with no life" or "Get out, get a life". These people cannot spend more than a few seconds debating their cause. They are the ones that will simply get irritated and start attacking you on a personal level. Every time someone said to me I was acting childish, wasn't because I was crying, being immature or screaming. No, every time someone said that to me was because I wasn't agreeing with them.

To get back to the main problem. When most people hear anarchy they picture a mad max type of world. A world destroyed where gangs rule and do whatever they want. In fact it's quite the opposite. Since anarchy isn't a total absence of moral. It is simply a world where the small people aren't pushed around like when we were in secondary school. It is a place where there will be law but everyone will have a say. We are all tired of the constant wars, of police brutality, economic injustices. The rich get richer and the poor poorer. But the masses have been dumbed down. 95% of the people just don't care. The people of my generation who listen to hip hop back in the days know where it came from. I mean back in the day it was about poetry, life in the gettho,racism,oppression. Nowadays if you ain't rich or "gangsta"you can't rap. Nowadays, if you ain't talking about how many girls you got, how many chains,cars you ain't "in". This isn't a simple coincidence. Funny how how all artists that had real values and stayed true, died.
Bob Marley, John Lennon, Peter Tosh, Tupac among others. And they have been replaced by fake,empty puppets. People that sing about revolution are put aside and don't make a cent.

Yes, the world of today has been carefully planned for a long time. Things or people that make you think are carefully locked up or called "illegal". Marijuana is illegal and yet alcohol is legal. Why is that? Alcohol makes you want to party, have sex. Drunk driving killed thousands of people. But that's ok as long as you ain't thinking. But marijuana makes you re-examin things. Look at the hippies during the vietnam war.
But what kills me the most is that no matter how many times we present the truth, no matter how many times they see the truth, their eyes are and will stay closed. Yes, the people isn't something you can see or touch. The system is created by you and me and lives through you and me. But let us not lose hope. Even if its not today nor tomorrow, as long as there are people like me and revolutionaries like you out there and we spread the word, one day, one day we will form bigger communities and one day maybe there will be change.


  1. hey, this is quite funny, we are having a debate right now on Anarchy vs Archy between two sites. check it out :)

  2. anarchy rules and waht you wrote here is great

  3. Speaking of looking forward to more articles...I think you're going to make for a great read once you get more thought son paper. Well, virtual paper.

    It's funny, the more I write, read, and explore Anarchism, I find myself - bear with me - sympathizing more with government, and wanting to create the greatest changes in the sphere of economics. Capitalism, to me, is the greater of the two. Once the capitalist greed has been changed, we can then change the rule of people by illegitimate authority.

    Watch, as you'll see in the conversation on my health care post develop, people are far more inclined to let governments go by the wayside so long as they can continue making a profit. The revamping of capitalism is a much harder pill for some to swallow :D

    Unfortunately, if we let government go without changing the economic end of it, the damage will be much harder to reverse than the other way around.

  4. Intresting blog, no doubt. The question that sticks in my mind is whether or not anarchy implies abscensce of morality. I think its great that you try to contemplate matters from different angels, but one of your premises (anarchy does not imply abscence of morality) is left undisputed. Why does anarchy not imply absence of morality? What kind of morality are we talking about? Theological? Contractarian (as an agreement between individuals)? Moral realism? (the existense of objective moral values without connection to a god)?

    Why even presuppose morality as a necessity for a functioning society? Moral nihilism is compatible with a stable society. As (presumably) functioning human being we should be able to realise that some actions have consequenses that are undesirable, even without the abscensce of morality.

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