Friday, March 13, 2009


Before We start:
In this post, I reefer to the general public as people. The 90% of people who are glued to the actual system. Who live their daily routine lives without ever questioning their purpose and goals, their ways of life. The 90% of people who tell you "you're talking shit" when you think or have a different opinion about what life is about.
~ Thank you and have a nice tour in my mind :P

People tend to take things personal. Much too personal. Its like whe're permanently in a reality show where they NEED the drama.
95% of my friends never leave a message. So in my head, you had nothing to say so why call back? I mean if someone really needs me, and for whatever reason, be it for a service or just to know how i'm doing, then why not let me know on my voicemail? or just a "Hey Gab call me back"? The thing is that they actually get angry when I don't answer. So they hang up.

Having a cell equals always being available in people's head nowadays. People actually didn't invite me to parties cuz I didn't answer the phone. They called but left no message. A few days later I ask why didn't you tell me about the party?
- "I called but you didn't answer"
- why not leave a message?
- I don't do messages.
People don't care that you're having a nice romantic dinner, that you are in the movies, having sex. When they call how dare you not answer? Me, I'm more of a " I'de prefer to live in the 1410 years with the indian tribes in the caribbean" type of guy. So I don't like having a cellphone implanted in my ear 24/7.

People just don't leave you alone. It's like that new cigarette commercial. They creep out of everywhere. Show up at your house unannounced. Stalk you on facebook. Call you but never leave messages. If I had a crew of paparazzies following me Im sure people would read me in "In touch" even tough Im not famous. It don't stop.
If I keep having fun with everyone,when will I have the time to build a career, a strong relationship? Will any of you give me some money or a good wife if I don't do so well? Oh then it's every man or woman for him/her self?

Yes, people need people in order to survive. I once knew a guy who came to my house as soon as I woke up (8am) and only left when I was about to sleep (12~1 am). Matter o' fact I knew 2 or 3 of them. They even wanted to sleep on my couch so they would never have to leave. Keep in my mind that these people had houses and food. I asked one of them once, "When do you get time to reflect on yourself or be creative if you're never alone?" and he answered to my surprise
" I don't"


  1. That's true about cell phones and the assumed availability that comes with having one. I always thought cell phones were for our convenience, not to inconvenience us by putting us on call 24/7.

    The way people socialize now is strange. Many of my friends keep asking me to join Facebook, MySpace, MyFace, etc. But why? I see them and socialize with them in real life!

  2. It's the spoiled and impatient nature of the people nowadays. They've been bred by Capitalist media to desire the most labor-saving things they can get, and they want them NOW!

    A sad state for the people locked into their TV programs.


  3. @ E : People want you to go on facebook cuz they feel that what you tell them ain't enough. They want an extra extra view into your everyday life, with pictures and videos. So even if they weren't there when you had that dance with brad,they want the spicy details in the pictures you post on facebook.

    @ Wrench : Thanx for stopping by and following my blog. People are quite spoiled by the most time saving stuff nowadays. I remember how back in the day I used to wait for weeks from a letter from some friends in another country and how nice it was reading those long pages. Aww memory lane...