Monday, March 16, 2009

Ken and Barbie hate mirrors :p

Not so long ago I was trying to join a blog group. And so the administrators were having a vote on it. 2 or 3 people were against, since they only wanted to admit "happy and positive people".
And so it got me thinking: what about me comes off as the contrary to that?
Is it the fact that I'm blogging about some truth that bothers or is it because I hand them a mirror and they don't like what they see?

Should we all become smiling stepford people*?
I count myself lucky in life. I may not live large money wise but I'm happy. Still, i'd be insulting my intelligence if I chose to just "close my eyes".
When Bush announced that he was planning to have war with iraq I was out in the streets. And when later on I turned the Tv and saw how many countries were in the streets against it and how many people, I was just...amazed! I caught myself thinking that for one of the rare times in history the whole world revolts against something so inhuman, together. So of course when the war started anyway I was crushed. That same night some friends went out clubbing and asked me to come along. I just couldn't. I kept having visions of the women and children in Iraq. One of my friends told me that I didn't know anyone in Iraq so that she couldn't understand how that could keep me from going dancing.

When will we care? When misery comes to our continent? Will we care when it come to our country? Our city? Or only when it comes to ourselves? Has the world become so egoist that we should just close our eyes on the bum in the streets or the woman crying in a corner and pretend they don't exist?

I still have hope that one day people will start to slowly realize that this way ain't working.
Yes, one day I hope that the word "hope" won't simply be pronounced by the mouth of yet another politician but really exist in the hearts of people. Cuz with the hunger / suicide / crime rates just going up, this way surely ain't working.

So to all the stepford people* wanting me to shut up, I give you the salute. And at the end of the day, my life will have such substance...

* Stepford : From the movie Stepford wives, where normal people are transformed to barbie like / always smiling / weird "perfect" persons.


  1. It sounds like their lose, rather than yours! :)

  2. The Stepford people can suck it. There's an old line from a Morrissey song that goes, "Rejection is one thing, but rejection from a fool is cruel." Ain't it the truth?

    How do these people define happiness -- as if happy people are one-dimensional and can only have one facial expression? These people who thought you weren't happy enough for them might as well have said, "Sorry, too human."

  3. Excellent post. I was on the big anti-war march in London and felt similarly crushed when we were ignored.

    I'm very intolerant of the people who close their eyes to all the horror in the world because they don't want to be my view, ignoring it is allowing it to continue unchallenged. It might upset people to know how awful the world is, but maybe if these people had their bubbles burst they would do something to help.

  4. @ E,
    that's a good one "Sorry to human" lol
    I can't help but to visualize this in a horror or futuristic movie. Like Equilibrium. If you show emotions, ANY emotion you disappear never to be heard from again.

    @ Stilaruin,
    That's exactly why the world is still the way it is. The thing is when they finally get their bubbles burst, most don't even realize that people had it worst then them for years.

  5. if happy people are one-dimensional and can only have one facial expression?

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