Monday, March 23, 2009

The corporation is in your house

Last week many of my friends posted on their page to watch The apprentice on nbc sunday because "their" company was going to be "primetime". I did watch it and to my surprise they weren't even on. Just a few top people and a seminar type crowd. Now maybe they were in that crowd but who cares since they're lost in it?

Have you ever seen "the invasion" with Nicole Kidman? An alien lifeform, much like a fungus or spore infects many people, robbing them of their emotions when they enter REM sleep. Well I consider this company the same way. Now people actually think that this is "their" company !!!!!! And just like in the movie they are to my opinion completely brainwashed by it.

I used to have a couple who were both people I hang out almost everyday. We shall call them John and Jane for anonymity purposes. Then Jane decided to join ACN. Now this company isn't new to me since my father lost a couple of friends to these types of companies. Like monsters in a zombie movie, these people show up at your gate,behind you in the supermarket or next to you at a party with their catalogs and well prepared speeches trying to sell you "better" products or convert you. A pyramid company where you pay to join and get more money the more people you convert. So you can imagine the frenzy of these people who want to live The acn Dream.

I'm an artist, a revolutionary and anti-commercialist so I don't like closed minded rich people. In fact I hate them. To me they are the scum of the earth. These are the people that exploit and use people and sleep well at night. The modern slave masters. So of course I nicely declined an invitation from John to spend new years at one of ACN's elite party. (Now note that John isn't part of the company, only Jane his girlfriend is.) He got really mad and said that I had to "stop feeling inferior" and to "just get dressed in my nicest clothes and come to the party".
Needless to say I laughed in his face.
I am who I am even when I'm naked. My clothes don't define me and I'm sure ain't going to change them in order to "impress" some people. I might dress in a suit in order to trick and blend in. A disguise so I can wander through that system undetected.

If you're wonderering whatever happened to John and Jane, they separated when John couldn't pass the ACN's 10 things your significant other HAS to have list. Hilarious!!!And I assure you it's true. They even tell you that in order to get rich you have to make sacrifices. That some people are "obstacles". He scored 9 out of 10 of her list but that wasn't enough.

So to my normal people I say keep a sharp eye for the signs. If someone close to you (it might be a friend, a relative, even your spouse or husband) starts going to seminars every week or trying to sell you stuff instead of coming over for a simple chat then he/she is INFECTED!!!!
I recommend quarantine. Get them away from these seminars, show them the beautiful and important things of life like walks in the parc or cuddling on the couch. Sometimes it is too late and they are too far ACN branded. In that case may god be with them :)


  1. I saw that, too, even though I don't normally watch TV. I just got sucked in. (Ah, that's how they work their magic.) What you described in "Invasion" sounds a little bit like "Invasion of the Body Snatchers". I'm thinking pod people is an apt description.

  2. That is fereaaaky. I worked for an insurance company much like that once.I didn't last long - I hated it.

    I guess they can't infect us all ;)

  3. found a pretty clever twitter

    it’s from the point of view of the state, kinda funny

    thought you might enjoy it

  4. wow 10 things your partner must have

  5. Invasion of the Body Snatchers". I'm thinking pod people is an apt description.

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